Protect Both doTERRA and Your Personal Assets With An LLC

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Gain Tax Advantages by Separating Your doTERRA Business

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Is Your doTERRA Business Growing Fast?

When you joined, you may have dreamed but not expected to make much money with your doTERRA Business!

Even so, you may be making enough now that it’s starting to make a difference on your income taxes.

You may also be becoming a target from those who want what you are making.

Why Give So Much Of YOUR Profits Away?

Turns out that if you set up a separate doTERRA Limited Liability Company (LLC) then you gain some significant advantages!

For example, did you know that with an LLC you can separate your personal assets from your business assets?

Why Separate Your Assets?

If someone ended up suing you (because they think you have money) or some future creditor came collecting, you could block them from seizing your doTERRA assets if you have a properly set up LLC for your doTERRA business.

Conversely, if you have personal assets you want to protect from an attack on your doTERRA business, they can also be protected.

We Can Set Up Your LLC!

Or… You can use our customized doTERRA LLC creation service.

We offer the following:

    • Initial Company Formation
    • 1st Year Registed Agent Fee
    • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN for your W9)
    • An LLC Getting Started Guide
    • A Custom Binder with Your Company Name and forms

And We’ll Fill Out Your doTERRA Forms!

In addition, we will also fill out all of your required doTERRA business conversion forms including:

    • Business Addendum
    • W9 (business Tax Number form)
    • New IPC enrollment agreement
    • Your updated LLC Operating Agreement

Low doTERRA IPC Cost: $497

Setting up a custom doTERRA IPC would normally cost thousands of dollars.  But since we’re doing a bunch of them and a lot of the paperwork is the same for them, we can spread the cost out amongst ALL of the IPCs taking advantage of this special.

(We’ll email the forms ready for your signature so you can drop them off at doTERRA.)

Ready To Get Started or Find Out More?

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Beverly Teichgraeber
Chief doTERRA LLC Administrator


P.S. Where will YOUR doTERRA business be in 60 or 120 Days?  A year? 5 Years?  

Many people NEVER set their business up as an LLC and never receive the benefits an LLC has to offer.  

Your doTERRA Business LLC in less than a week… 

It couldn’t be any easier! (or less expensive)

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